Become a Hope Network Member

The Hope Network Community is composed of passionate people dedicated to ending domestic violence. When you join the Hope Network Community, you join a group of people committed to change in their community.  

Here’s what you can expect when you join: 

  • Become a part of change. One day, we are going to end domestic violence in our community. And one day, we want you to be able to say you were committed to this vision from the start.  
  • Be a trusted New Beginnings Partner. As someone who is dedicated to ending violence in their community, we will share vital behind the scenes information about how your partnership is actively working to end domestic violence
  • Share your voice. Each member of our Hope Network community has a contact person at the organization to ask their questions, share their thoughts, or share updates. Additionally, you will be among the first to receive invitations to upcoming events, volunteer activities, and engagement opportunities.  

If you have any questions about the Hope Network or you would like to make updates to your current gift, please contact Molly Lewis at 206-307-0760 or

Become a Hope Network Member

FAQs about the Hope Network

I’d like to start making my gift today. When will my monthly donation be processed? 
Your initial gift will be charged to your credit card and will serve as your pledge to a monthly gift of the same amount. Your first donation will be processed when we receive your donation. Please specify if you would like us to process it on a different date. You will also receive a welcome letter confirming your monthly gift amount.

What if my credit or debit card expires?
You will be contacted by a New Beginnings staff member when your card expires to discuss your wishes regarding your monthly gift.

What if I need to stop my monthly giving?
You maintain full control over your investment. Your involvement is a voluntary agreement, and you can change, suspend, or cancel your monthly donation at any time.

Will I receive a tax receipt for my monthly donation?
Yes, you will receive one consolidated statement at the end of the calendar year.