Leave a Legacy

Tomorrow’s hope comes from today’s kindness. You can join other Legacy Society members by leaving a gift in your will, or naming New Beginnings as the beneficiary of all or a portion of your retirement plan or life insurance policy. Your gift will help survivors for years to come, ensuring your legacy of kindness and compassion for survivors of domestic violence.

Make a Gift in Your Will

A gift in your will, or bequest, will ensure New Beginnings can continue to offer life-saving services to survivors for many years to come. You can name New Beginnings as the beneficiary of a specific dollar amount or a share of your estate. Click below for some sample language to include in your will.

Leave a Specific Amount in Your Will

Leave a Portion of Your Estate

Designate New Beginnings as a Beneficiary

Naming New Beginnings as a beneficiary to all or part of your life insurance policy, savings bonds, bank or brokerage accounts, retirement plans, or IRAs is an easy way to make a lasting gift to support survivors. All you have to do is fill out a beneficiary designation form that is entirely separate from your will. You can usually find this form on the website of the company that is managing those assets.

Beneficiary designations can be easily changed at any time depending on what’s going on with you or your family’s circumstances. This can be a great option for many as you will avoid some income and estate taxes on these types of assets, and your estate receives a deduction for the interest passing to New Beginnings.

Want to learn more?

Contact Rachelle Nesta-Goff at (206) 926-3036 for additional information.

If you leave New Beginnings a gift in your will, please use our legal name and Federal Tax ID.

Legal Name: New Beginnings
Address: PO Box 75125 Seattle, WA 98175
Federal Tax ID: 91-1005916


You should speak with an attorney or financial advisory to determine how to best support New Beginnings based upon your personal circumstances. Talk to your family and friends about your plans, including your legacy gifts, your personal wishes, and your healthcare directives.