Staying Safe during COVID-19


Is your helpline still accessible 24 hours a day?

Yes! Call our helpline day or night at 206-737-0242. Remember, you don’t need to be in crisis to call. Our helpline advocates can help you create a safety plan, talk through New Beginnings’ resources, or help point you in the direction you might need.

Does the stay at home order mean I can’t leave my house?

The stay at home order allows people to leave for matters of health and safety, so you are not required to stay home if you feel unsafe in your home.

Are other New Beginnings services still available during this time?

We are still available for support and services during COVID – 19. Our Helpline is still available 24-7, our mobile advocates are still able to meet with survivors virtually or over the phone, and we continue to support survivors with housing, food, and safety plans.

What other things can I do to de-escalate and minimize violence while in my home during the stay at home order?

First, if you feel unsafe in your home, remember you are always able to leave under Washington’s Stay Home, Stay Healthy order. New Beginnings is here to help you find safety. However, you are the expert in your situation, so if it is best for you to stay home right now, these are some suggestions.

  • If you are worried your partner might try to manipulate you by preventing you access to the medicine, food, or disinfecting products in your home, you might look into keeping them with a trusted friend or neighbor.
  • Make use of available space. Take a walk or request your partner do so. You can take a break in a locked vehicle if necessary. When taking a break, remember to take your phone and any medication if possible. Try to keep the car in a place where there is phone or internet service.
  • Keep your devices charged, even when at home.
  • Use distraction. Activities, television, and “special” foods may help to diffuse a situation.
  • If many family members are staying together, there may be safety in numbers.
  • Create a safe word with friends or family to signal that you need help, or that you would like them to bring something to your home. Even if they stay at the front door and you speak from 6 feet away, a visit may serve as a momentary break to help diffuse a situation.   

    *Adapted from 5 Steps to Prevent Domestic Violence During Quarantine. Psychology Today © 2020 Sussex Publishers, LLC