Bianca is overcoming challenges

Bianca had just fled from her abusive husband when she called New Beginnings’ Helpline. Desperate for a place for her and her twin daughters to stay, Bianca was relieved to learn that we were able to offer her an extended hotel stay.

As Bianca worked to rebuild her life, you provided her with the help she needed. She connected with a mobile advocate who went grocery shopping for her, met her at the hotel a few times a week to offer one-on-one advocacy, picked up her prescriptions, and connected her to community resources.

Bianca got a Domestic Violence Protection Order and permission to leave the state with her daughters. Using flexible funds, our mobile advocate purchased bus tickets for Bianca and her daughters to travel to Montana to stay with a friend.

Her journey did not end there. Bianca continued to work with her advocate over the phone while they worked to find a permanent place for Bianca to live. She found a job and an apartment within a few months.

Recently, Bianca called New Beginnings with an update:

“Thank you for being my rescuer at a time when my life was falling apart. I want you to know that i have just purchased a home only a mile away from my job. Thank you for giving me the help I needed to begin rebuilding a healthy life for my daughters and me.”

Thank you for making this new life possible for Bianca and her daughters!