DVAM 2021 Community Art Project: Love in Our Community

October is Domestic Violence Awareness and Action Month, and our theme for October 2021 was Love in Our Community. We recognize that systems of power, privilege, and violence create the environment for gender-based violence to thrive. But love in all of its many forms – care, service, activism, education, outreach, and much more – can counteract and dismantle these systems.

In the spirit of this theme, we tabled at area farmers markets to request art inspired by our DVAM theme of Love in Our Community. At the Fremont, U District, and Shoreline markets, we tabled with a variety of fun art supplies and blank postcards for people to draw on.

Scroll through to see all of the wonderful submissions we received!

By Nadia
Drawing of a house, tree with blue-ink stamped foliage on rolling green hills with butterflies and hearts.
When You are Where People Care, You are Home.
A gem-shaped house in purple, green and white is drawn with smoke coming from the chimney, pink flowers flanking the front door. A stone pathway leads to the door. The ground is displayed as a rainbow with a brown snail inching its way along it.
Spread Love!
A deer stamped in black ink is surrounded by a dark pink heart with amber button affixed to it. The words "Spread Love!" are written in black marker.
Advocacy & Support
The words Advocacy and Support accompanied by a hand-drawn heart, blue-ink stamped flower, black-ink stamped wolf, and red and purple-ink stamped flower.
Love your Neighbor as Yourself
Drawing of an abundance of blue and purple flowers growing out of a rainbow with a brown snail inching over it. Two quotes, "He who is full of joy is full of love" and "Love your neighbor as yourself" surround the flowers.
I Love You!
Two sketched hands rising and intertwined surrounded by "I love you" written in several different languages.
In Nature
A big yellow sun with happy smile and amber beads for eyes is surrounded by clouds, stamped birds and butterflies, flowers and hand drawn birds.
Four different women of Asian, caucasian, Black, and Latina heritage are drawn in color pencil with the word Sisterhood above.
Joy & Peace
A large pink candle with a blue heart below the flame is surrounded by the words Joy and Peace in several different languages as well as a peace symbol and white dove.
Black & Red Hearts by Cesar
Four black and red hearts float across the page like butterflies.
Three Blue Hearts
Three blue hearts of varying size are drawn across the page.
My People
A large heart with the words "My People" is surrounded by illustrations of a cat, my mom, my pals, and my neighbor.
Hearts of Many Colors by Wonam
Five small hearts drawn in different colors (black, purple, and grey) float across the page.
Love What/Who You Want by Samantha Cleese
The page is covered by various sketches including rainbow colors, a group of four people, a woman and man holding hands, a sun, moon, tree, and flowers.
by Nuhamin
A tent-like shape with many smiling faces of different sizes and shapes on the side.
People of Many Colors
A drawing of six stick figures in different colors (purple, blue, black, red, green, and blue) with different hairstyles.
Peaceful Nature
Blue marker waves with green colored pencil lines along with flower, butterfly, and ladybug stamps.
A Spring Day
A grass field with large tree and animal stamps including a deer, fox, and hedgehog. A sun made of amber beads shines while a purple butterfly flies over the field.
Large yellow letters proclaim "LOVE!!!" and are surrounded by multi-color animal, flower, and butterfly stamps.
Nature Stamps
Several flower and animal stamps in black and maroon grace the page.
Full of Hearts
A page full of different sized hearts in dark pink marker.
Baseball and Pizza
A large baseball flies through the air with force while a pizza waits to be eaten.
Rainbow Hearts
A rainbow flag and several hearts of many colors grace the page.
Love is Love!
Two couples stand on a grass field with a heart and many sayings flying above them like "Be Kind", "I wuv you!", "Be who you want to be", and "Love Your Self!"