Raise Awareness

There is so much you can do to help survivors of domestic violence. Whether it’s educating others about what you’ve learned, or lettings others know that New Beginnings is here as a resource, we are grateful to you for spreading the word.

We hope that as you learn more about the complexities of domestic violence and the barriers that survivors face to getting help, accessing resources, or leaving abusive relationships, that you would share what you’ve learned with your community.

Requesting Materials

If you would like to have New Beginnings resources on hand in your workplace, faith community, community group, school, neighborhood coffee shop, or just for yourself, please contact our community engagement team to request these materials. We are always happy to provide materials to the community so survivors know how to access an advocate and the services they need. We have brochures, clings that can go on windows, mirrors, and bathroom stalls, bookmarks, and small cards with the warning signs of abuse and our Helpline number on them that can easily fit in a wallet or be hidden. 

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Every year, we host events and training in October and try to get our materials in as many hands as possible to educate others about domestic violence and what they can do. We would love your help spreading the word! 

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It’s going to take all of us to stop the cycle of violence. We know we can do it. Together, we will end domestic violence!