The New Beginnings' staff is a committed, well-trained group of women and men, diverse in ages, ethnicity, cultural and religious backgrounds, and education. A third are people of color, and nearly forty percent are survivors of domestic violence.



Susan Segall, Executive Director

Susan has over 25 years of leadership, management and program experience in non-profits focused on peace and social justice. For more than 13 years, Susan served as Regional Director of the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) in the Pacific Northwest, providing leadership on issues of peace, immigrant rights, LBGT rights, Native American rights, criminal justice, and youth leadership development. Before relocating to Seattle in 1999, Susan lived in Philadelphia, where she served as Interim Director of AFSC's national Peace Education Division, coordinated emergency room and hotline services at Women Organized Against Rape, and provided sexuality education training to professionals at Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania. Susan has served on boards of the Greater Philadelphia Women's Medical Fund, the Church Council of Greater Seattle, and on the Racial Equity Advisory Committee of the Defender Association's Racial Disparity Project.  


Community Advocacy Program
Danielle Derosiers, Program Manager
Hilary Bowker, Prevention Educator
Lauren Smith, Data Coordinator
Becky Hall, Cap Lead/Help Line Coordinator
Sara Parker, Survivor Advocate
Kim Morrill, Legal Advocate
Pacheena Shuen-Mitchell, Advocate
Beverly Chase, Mental Health Therapist
Home Safe Program
Ginny Ware, Program Manager
Tamysn Jameson, Assistant Manager
Jolene Janacek, Lead Survivor Advocate
Edwina Finefrock, Survivor Advocate
Julie Sperry, Survivor Advocate
Tina Bailey, Housing Advocate
Chau To, Housing Advocate
Tori Biship, Youth and Family Advocate
Fatou Sakho, Youth and Family Advocate
Maddie Robertson, Program Assistant
Mary Clare Schroeder, Helpline Advocate
Danica Foronda, Helpline Advocate
Elisabeth Galczak, Helpline Advocate
Maggie Miranda, Helpline Advocate
Sarah Scott, Helpline Advocate
Donnetta Vessell, Administrative Director
Emmalee Ashland,Technology Specialist
Denise Haugen, Finance Manager
Rosalie Bigongiari, Data Assistant
Rachelle Nesta, Development Director
Erin Cox, Major Gifts Officer
Kerry Dirk, Annual Fund Coordinator
Megan Clingman, Special Events Coordinator
Sarah Lewis Assink, Community Engagement Coordinator,